The application of waterliq-NOZ is simple and uncomplicated.

The entire disinfection process takes no longer than 15 minutes.

The user does not need any special protective clothing during fogging.

The waterliq-NOZ fogging device is connected to a compressor and the container is filled with a quantity of liquid suitable for the size of the vehicle interior. For an average-sized car, a dosage of max. 200ml is sufficient for one fogging session.

Depending on requirements, the application can be repeated several times. However, the vehicle should be adequately ventilated between the passes. Fogging of the vehicle interior should be carried out with the engine running. The air conditioning and fan set to recirculate should also remain on throughout the process.

Waterliq NOZ can either be hung from the outside of the side window or placed inside the vehicle, when possible. Care should be taken that surfaces are not sprayed directly. After about 10 minutes or fogging of the required amount of disinfectant, the fogger is switched off. The engine of the vehicle and the blower or air conditioner continue to run for a further 5 minutes. Afterwards, all doors are opened and the vehicle is sufficiently ventilated.

With this innovative application, waterliq NOZ achieves hygiene by keeping vehicle interiors germ-free and eliminating odours.

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