The compressor-operated -waterliq NOZ- fogger produces a fine, suspended aerosol from the liquid disinfectant -waterliq- in the spray head by means of a strongly pre-compressed air flow. The fine mist created by this process is distributed in the entire treated vehicle.

As soon as the mist comes into contact with a surface, the so-called redox reaction occurs due to the property of waterliq. This highly effective process disinfects microbially contaminated surfaces and efficiently destroys odour molecules.

The fine mist reaches all surfaces in the treated vehicle – even the hard-to-reach air ducts of the ventilation/air-conditioning system, areas under the seats and niches no matter how small. As a result, the entire vehicle interior is disinfected, odours eliminated and, as experience has shown, without leaving any residues that could be harmful to health.

The ‘dry mist’ is gentle on all surfaces and electronics inside the vehicle. Corrosion can also be ruled out when used properly, as the ‘dry mist’ produced has only a minimal degree of moisture.

With this highly efficient method, waterliq NOZ makes it possible to prevent disinfection gaps. The treatment time is relatively short, so that waiting times of e.g. customers are manageable or processes during vehicle preparation are not significantly increased.

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